Welcome to the Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan (HNDP)

Thank you for returning your draft policy questionnaire…

We’ve had 176 responces. The findings of the questionnaire as well as other consultations can be found here.

We are currently preparing for the official public consultation which will be a minimum of 6 weeks hopefully starting at the beginning of November. All residents of Horncastle will get information about this through their door soon!

Our Vision:

“To preserve and enhance the essential nature of Horncastle; to encourage sustainable new residential and commercial developments; and to improve the infrastructure and community facilities for the benefit of the residents of the town and surrounding villages.”

Welcome! In January 2013 a Steering Group was formed to create the

Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan (HNDP)

A Neighbourhood Development Plan is a planning document that, when approved, will guide the future development of the area. That means it is about the use and development of land and associated social, economic and environmental issues. The Steering Group are local people who are deeply interested in and committed to a bright and prosperous future for the town. We are not part of either East Lindsey District Council or Horncastle Town Council. It’s a whole new approach to planning which recognises that the best people to say where future housing, business and community-related developments should go are the residents of the parish of Horncastle.

That’s you.

The Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan covers most aspects of the future development of our town. It’s our chance to come together as a community and decide on the kind of town we want Horncastle to be in the next 15 years, and beyond. The Plan, which you’ll be able to vote on in a referendum, will set out the types of development we believe the town needs and which sites we feel would be most appropriate for such developments. The greater the contribution from individuals and community groups, the more relevant the plan will be to the town’s future. So, take a look around the website, see the kinds of ideas being developed and then let us know your thoughts. Your contribution really is vital.

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