The Plan has been ‘made’!

A referendum asking members of Horncastle if they supported the neighbourhood plan was held on 14th April 2016. 1,104 people voted with 717 people voting in support and 387 people voting against the plan. This means that the Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan is now an official document that all future development […] Read more »

Supporting documents for the HNDP

Thought it would be a good idea now we are nearing the final public consultation to put all our consultation findings in one place. Some need to be finalised, but all the figures and results are complete. Findings from the draft policy questionnaire (August-September 2014) Findings from business survey (August […] Read more »

Public Consultations Information

Hello everyone. Thanks to all those who have been in contact with us, filling in questionnaires, chatting at market stalls and commenting on Facebook pages. We are progressing with the plan, slowly. We’re getting some draft policies together now, but still need the residents and users of Horncastle to comment […] Read more »

Come to our next public consultation

We’re having a public consultation at Horncastle: The Stanhope Hall where we’d like to find out more about what you’d like and think about future development in Horncastle. We’ll also be presenting the findings from winter 2013 public consultation questionnaire. At The Stanhope Hall, Friday 28th 10am – 8pm, and […] Read more »

Public Consultation Questionnaire

Hello everybody. We’ve created questionnaire and are delivering it around the town in the next week or so. Please fill it in and get it back to use – we need to know what you think about development and Horncastle’s future. If you don’t receive one by 25th Nov, you […] Read more »

Information map updates.

Hi everyone. Just a quick message to the people for comments submitted to the site, mostly via the information map. The map has been updated with the following changes: HOR304/305/305 Land on northern side of Langton Hill - Comments added to information box. HOR314 Land south of Banovallum Gardens - […] Read more »