Get involved

The Plan has been made! Thank you to everyone who commented or contributed. The steering group has stopped meeting regularly, but the Plan can still be improved or added to – if you would like to please contact Horncastle Town Council Clerk.

(Old content below, kept for reference)

The Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan will be based entirely on what YOU, the residents, tell us.

During 2013, we will be talking to Horncastles’s community groups, holding consultations and talking to individuals. We will collate all this evidence and then present it to the Government Planning Inspector for approval.

In June 2014, the whole town will have the chance to vote on the Plan in a referendum. If it’s adopted, it will become the legal basis for ALL future planning applications and development proposals. That’s how important this is – and why we need YOUR contribution.

You can play your part and keep up to date in several ways:

  1. Come along to our information stall at Horncastle Market Place on Saturday 27th July 2013 and find out information and voice your opinions directly to us.
  2. Find out information and submit comments on site on the Information Map (opens in new window)
  3. Complete and email us via Contact Form
  4. Contact the Town Council with your views.
  5. Tell your Friends & Neighbours about Horncastles’s Neighbourhood Development Plan

We want you to get involved with:

  1. Our Natural Environment
  2. Our Built Environment
  3. Our Shopping Facilities Tourism in Horncastle
  4. Our Transport Infrastructure
  5. Our Local Economy
  6. Our Community Life
  7. Housing in Horncastle

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