HNDP Referendum – Thurs. 14th April 2016…Everything you need to know

A Draft Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan was approved by the Town Council and submitted to the local council in March 2015. After the local council (ELDC) approved the draft plan, it was passed on the an independent Planning Inspector who judged, subject to some minor changes, that the plan met all required conditions. To read the Draft HNDP click here.

We, the Steering Group, believe the HNDP will aid the council in preserving Horncastle’s heritage and character.

Quickly listing the policy titles, we have:

  • Policy 1: Sustainable Developmentpaper
  • Policy 2: Design
  • Policy 3: Car Parking
  • Policy 4: Pre Application Consultation
  • Policy 5: Protecting the Historic Environment
  • Policy 6: Affordable Housing
  • Policy 7: Amount of Affordable Housing
  • Policy 8: A Mix of Housing Types
  • Policy 9: Green Infrastructure
  • Policy 10: Developing a Green Wheel around Horncastle
  • Policy 11: Designating Local Green Spaces
  • Policy 12: Visual Connections with the Countryside
  • Policy 13: Strengthening the Retail Core
  • Policy 14: Supporting Local Business Growth
  • Policy 15: Reducing the Risk of Flooding

The Referendum

When: 14th April 2016 – polling stations open 7am – 10pm

Where: The Community Center or The Stanhope Hall – check your polling card for information

How: Usual voting procedures

Vote: Either Yes in support of the plan, or No in your don’t support it.

Who: Any resident of Horncastle registered to vote

Useful Voting and Planning Information

Quick read: About the referendum:

Quick read: Voter information:

Quick read: Information on the Neighbourhood Planning scheme:

Quick read: A Q&A on the plan: Download Word Doc

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