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We are a group of local people interested in future of our town. We are not part of either ELDC or the Town Council. It’s a whole new approach to planning, which recognizes that the best people to say where future housing, business and community-related developments should go are the people who live, work, shop and go to school here.

That’s you.

The Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan covers most aspects of the future development of our town. It’s our chance to come together as a community and decide what kind of town we want Horncastle to be in the next 15 years, and beyond.

The Plan, which you’ll be able to vote on in a referendum, will set out the types of development we think the town needs, what we’d be prepared to see built, and which sites we feel would be most appropriate.

The more individuals and sectors of the community who contribute, the better our plan will be for everyone. So, take a look around the site, see the kinds of ideas and information we need, and then let us know your thoughts. Your contribution really is vital.

Our Vision
“A distinct, dynamic and proud town where organizations and communities work together for a better quality of life”

Objectives for Horncastle by 2028:

1. Thriving, safe and healthy sustainable community, where people can enjoy a high quality of life and an increased sense of well-being and where new development simultaneously addresses the needs of the economy, communities and the environment.
2. Quality affordable and open market housing to try and meet the differing needs of the Town’s residents.
3. A growing and diversified economy that builds on, and extends, the important agriculture and tourism base.
4. A commitment to address the issue of deprivation to make an inclusive, equal and diverse town.
5. A high quality environment that makes the most of its special qualities of the Town’s history.
6. A commitment to tackling the causes and effects of global climate change.

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