Can & can’t

We can draw up a Neighbourhood Development Plan setting out what development we want to see – and what we don’t.

However it MUST:

    • Have regard to national planning policy.
    • Be in general agreement with the strategic policies within the Core Strategy (being developed by ELDC).

Does that sound a bit wordy?
What exactly does it mean!?
Ok, right, the Neighbourhood Development Plan can’t do:

    • Affect existing planning permissions
    • Block development already identified as necessary
    • Block all future development

However the Neighbourhood Plan could include any of the following:

    • Allocate sites for development of housing
    • Policies on affordable housing
    • Transport and access issues addressed by the planning system
    • Provision for businesses
    • Re-use of derelict land
    • Protection of open spaces, nature reserves, play areas, allotments, sports pitches, The Heath and so on…
    • Protection of important buildings, conservation areas and historic sites
    • Promotion of renewable energy projects
    • Car parking facilities

The above is a summary covering most aspects. For ful information you can read further on our FAQ and by reading documents available to the right on this page.

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