The Plan has been ‘made’!

A referendum asking members of Horncastle if they supported the neighbourhood plan was held on 14th April 2016. 1,104 people voted with 717 people voting in support and 387 people voting against the plan.

This means that the Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan is now an official document that all future development in Horncastle can be judged against.

Vote on the HNPD! – Thursday 14th April

The Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan has nearly reached the last stage in its long journey: a vote by members of on whther they want it to be ‘made’ (become official).

The referendum will be held on On Thursday 14th April and voting is possible in the usually places (TBC but usually the The Community Center and The Stanhope Hall.

It’s been a long journey and HNDP Steering Group have worked hard to try and listen to the members of the town to form a solid and reflective plan that we hope residents support.  One The Plan is ‘made’, any future development in Horncastle will have to take consideration of Policies in the plan, as well as the other council policies for the Town, county and nationwide.

For more information please visit the referendum page here.

Supporting documents for the HNDP

Thought it would be a good idea now we are nearing the final public consultation to put all our consultation findings in one place. Some need to be finalised, but all the figures and results are complete.

Findings from the draft policy questionnaire (August-September 2014)

Findings from business survey (August 2014)

Findings from community centre consultation (12 April 2014)

Findings from the spring consultation and presentation of winter 2013 survey findings at The Stanhope Hall (Feb/March 2014)

Presentation and consultation at the Horncastle Annual Parish Meeting (3rd April 2014)

Findings from the consultation with Banovallum and Horncastle Primary schools (April 2013)

Findings from the winter 2013 survey at QEGS

Christmas Market and hand-delivered questionnaire to every house (December 2013) + Appendix i ii iii iv v vi

Get your policy questionnaires back by September 17th!

Hello everyone! We’ve had about 200 policy questionnaires returned. If you’ve got it lying around somewhere please fill it in and drop it back to Perkins newsagents, the library or the Joseph Banks Centre. You can enter the competition to win a Google Nexus 7 tablet. If you’ve lost the form download it here. Closing date for returning the questionnaire is 17th September. Lots of work to do analysing them and feeding the results into the plan.

Public Consultations Information

Hello everyone. Thanks to all those who have been in contact with us, filling in questionnaires, chatting at market stalls and commenting on Facebook pages.

We are progressing with the plan, slowly. We’re getting some draft policies together now, but still need the residents and users of Horncastle to comment and give us more ideas. What’s good and bad. New ideas.

We’ve got a few dates set for the coming months, details below. Please spread the word and get involved: Cakes and tea will be available!!

  • Saturday 3rd May – we’ll be on the green on Tennyson Gardens 10am – 2pm, and then moving to Thomas Gibson Drive green 2pm- 5/6pm.
  • Saturday 10th May - we’ll be on The Wong 10am – 2pm, and then moving to Next to the cricket pitch 2pm- 5/6pm.
  • Saturday 17th May - we’ll be at the Community Centre all day. We’ll also be at the green space/play area between Tesco and Prospect Street 10am – 2pm, and then moving to the traffic lights at Langton Hill/West St. junction 2pm- 5/6pm.
  • Saturday 24th May - we’ll be in Bells Yard Close 10am – 1pm, then moving to Louth Rd and Low Toynton Road junction  1pm- 3pm, and then to Winceby Gardens green 3 – 5/6pm.

We’ll be asking for opinions on views around horncastle; our draft policies and anything else. Hope to see you there. If you need to contact us, do so here!

Come to our next public consultation

We’re having a public consultation at Horncastle: The Stanhope Hall where we’d like to find out more about what you’d like and think about future development in Horncastle. We’ll also be presenting the findings from winter 2013 public consultation questionnaire. At The Stanhope Hall, Friday 28th 10am – 8pm, and Saturday 1st March 10am – 4pm. Hope to see you there. Free and refreshments available.

Also, we have a facebook page now – if you can like and share it would help greatly!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the questionnaire – over 600 responses!

Just a quick thank you to everyone who filled out a questionnaire. We’ve had 600 responses, which shows us a  great deal of people in the town care about the future of Horncastle. It also helps us, the steering group, in that the time we are volunteering is not wasted. You welcome to join the group, just get in touch if you would like to.


Public Consultation Questionnaire

Hello everybody.

We’ve created questionnaire and are delivering it around the town in the next week or so. Please fill it in and get it back to use – we need to know what you think about development and Horncastle’s future.

If you don’t receive one by 25th Nov, you can download and print it from here:

Horncastle Neighbourhood Development Plan Public Consultation Questionnaire